When to Renew Home Insurance: A Guide for Homeowners

Home insurance is a vital protection for your property and belongings in case of unexpected events such as fire, theft, storm, flood, or liability.

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But how often do you need to renew your home insurance policy? And what factors should you consider when renewing your home insurance?

Here are some tips and advice to help you make the best decision for your home insurance renewal.

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How Often Does Home Insurance Renew?

Home insurance policies usually last for one year and renew automatically at the end of the policy term.

Your insurer will send you a renewal notice about 30 to 40 days before your policy expires, informing you of the renewal date, the premium amount, and any changes to your coverage or discounts.

If you are happy with your current policy and premium, you don’t need to do anything.

Your insurer will automatically renew your policy and charge you the premium amount on the renewal date.

However, if you want to change or cancel your policy, you need to inform your insurer before the renewal date.

Otherwise, you may incur fees or penalties for cancelling or switching your policy after it has been renewed.

Why Should You Review Your Home Insurance Before Renewing?

Renewing your home insurance without reviewing it may seem convenient and hassle-free, but it may not be the best option for you.

Your home insurance needs may change over time, depending on various factors such as:

Changes to your home

If you have made any improvements or additions to your home, such as remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, installing a security system, adding a deck or a shed, or replacing the roof or windows, you may need to increase your coverage limits or update your policy details to reflect the current value and condition of your home.

Changes to your possessions

If you have acquired or disposed of any valuable items, such as jewelry, electronics, art, antiques, or collections, you may need to adjust your personal property coverage or add endorsements or riders to cover specific items that have limited coverage under your standard policy.

Changes to your lifestyle

If you have experienced any significant life events, such as getting married or divorced, having children or grandchildren, starting a home business, renting out a part of your home, or hosting guests frequently, you may need to modify your liability coverage or add additional coverages such as home business insurance, landlord insurance, or umbrella insurance.

Reviewing your home insurance before renewing can help you ensure that you have adequate and appropriate coverage for your current situation and avoid being underinsured or overinsured.

It can also help you save money by finding discounts or lower rates that you may qualify for.

How to Compare Home Insurance Quotes Before Renewing?

One of the best ways to review your home insurance before renewing is to compare quotes from different insurers. This can help you find out if you are paying a fair price for your coverage and if there are better options available in the market.

To compare home insurance quotes effectively, you should:

Gather information about your home and possessions

You will need to provide details such as the size, age, construction type, location, and features of your home; the estimated replacement cost of your home and belongings; the current coverage limits and deductibles of your policy; and any claims history or discounts that apply to you.

Shop around and get multiple quotes

You can use online tools such as Bing’s web search function to find reputable insurers and get quotes from them.

You can also contact an independent agent or broker who can help you compare quotes from different companies.

Compare quotes based on similar coverage levels and features

You should make sure that the quotes you compare are based on the same or similar coverage levels and features that suit your needs.

You should also pay attention to the customer service, reputation, and financial strength of the insurers.

Ask for discounts and bundle policies

You can save money on your home insurance by asking for discounts that you may be eligible for, such as loyalty, multi-policy, claim-free, safety device, or pay-in-full discounts. You can also bundle your home insurance with other policies such as auto or life insurance to get lower rates.


Home insurance renewal is an important opportunity to review and update your policy to match your current needs and preferences.

By comparing quotes from different insurers before renewing, you can find the best coverage and price for your home.

You should also review your home insurance periodically throughout the year and notify your insurer of any changes that may affect your policy.

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